Google Digital Garage at Hope Street Xchange

Google has been on a mission to help provide digital coaching to help individuals expand both their businesses and careers. Following the opening of the training hub in the Bridges Shopping Centre in May of 2019; Hope Street Xchange has teamed up with Google Digital Garage to help deliver their valuable workshops

The Google Digital Garage is a free training hub where people have access to training and tools to help boost their digital skills and grow their career or businesses. From learning how to master the use of email at work, to discovering the ins and outs on how and where to start advertising your business, there is something for everyone!

Google workshops held at Hope Street Xchange included:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Writing for Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    Get Your Business Visible on Google

We received great feedback from those who attended these workshops. Attendees included staff, students, tenants and small business owners seeking ways to get their business out there and seen on the World Wide Web.

“I found the Social Media Strategy and Writing for Social Media workshops, delivered by Google Digital Garage very helpful! Both sessions provided me with a different perspective on how to write social media content and how I could tailor this to target a specific audience using a social media strategy. The sessions also highlighted the way people are currently using social media and how this has changed over time.

Social media is an evolving tool we use to get our message out there; it is essential that we adapt our approach to how we use social media with the changing trend in the way people use the various platforms. When writing social media content, I now think about how I can write a post or tweet that will capture the user’s attention in the first sentence and to continue reading on rather than scrolling past it on their news feed. The skills I’ve learned during these sessions have proven invaluable to me as user engagement has notably increased recently. I would highly recommend these free workshops to any social media user.”

Kelly Hassan | Enterprise Operations Assistant

The Google Digital Garage will be at The Bridges until the middle of October. Be sure to make good use of this brilliant service and pop in to the Digital Garage to explore the range of opportunities and training available to everyone!

Hope Street Xchange strives to deliver a variety of useful workshops and seminars catered for those looking to start or grow their own businesses. If you’d like to attend one of our upcoming events, keep an eye on our Event page or Eventbritefor details and how to sign up.

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